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Sisterly Love

            Mona, short for Momina, is now a graduate student at Harvard University after completing four years at Duke University. She is my sister.

            I thoroughly believe that my sister is the person that influences me in choosing the correct direction in school, friends, and outlook on life. She is the eldest sibling in my family and probably the wisest. In fact, since she knows of the depth of her wisdom, she wants to endeavor in becoming a philosopher in Middle Eastern studies. The reason Mona is my greatest influence is because she knows how I think. If I wasn’t her brother, I would have thought she was a psychic. Mona is extremely adept at motivating me, especially to study. She knows that I think that everything will just happen on its own and that I will not have to study hard on tests like the SAT or work through my college applications. Mona will be very outspoken about how I think and will say it loud and proud even in front of my parents as if she was bragging about her ability to speak my mind.

            Mona got a thirty five on her ACT and was ranked first in High School, yet she never mentioned that around me. It was always about me, my studies, my grades, and my life. She cared about me so much that even though she was about to be sent off to Harvard in two weeks, she was rather helping me study for the SAT every night. She stressed the importance of studying no matter what. “Knowledge is the key to everything,” Mona would always say while I am studying on the large and round dinner table. Someone might think, “Who says that?” I thought similarly but then realized that our relationship had escalated to a level where she can speak like that around me and still feel comfortable. I believe every word that my sister has to say because she is wise and intellectual. My parents cannot argue with her because what she says is the truth whether it is about politics or where I will be after college.

            The most important reason why Mona is my greatest influence is because I can ask her any question and she will answer it. That is when someone like me will be easily persuaded into thinking, “wow, I want to know that much stuff too.” She worked hard, incredibly hard, and because of her, I am confident in the direction in which my life is taking place and I can doubtlessly thank her for everything that she has done for me and our family.